Investment policy
The Fund aims to capitalize on the various phases that the real estate sector goes through in different parts of the world. It focuses on investing in countries that are either in the low point of their real estate cycle with prospects of improvement or those in an upward phase, while avoiding overheated markets. Currently, it has a significant investment in Germany and Japan, and it has limited exposure to the Spanish market.
The Fund primarily invests in property companies that own various types of real estate, such as residential properties, parking facilities, offices, shopping centers, senior living communities, student residences, etc., and generate rental income from them. The investment decision takes into account the real estate cycle of each region (to avoid any bubble), rental yields obtained by the companies in the portfolio, occupancy rates, and the financial health of the company. The Fund considers companies whose currencies are trading at a certain discount to the euro.
It's a Fund suitable for investors with a contrarian mindset who invest in a sector that has faced challenges due to real estate bubbles in recent years. However, the opportunities arise because the real estate bubble was not a global phenomenon. GVC Gaesco anticipates a favorable cycle in the coming years as there's an improvement in the real estate cycle of these countries and some of these companies trade with significant fundamental discounts, in line with the high risk premium in Equity markets. It's suitable for various types of investors, including those interested in Equities, real estate, and income generation.
Details: The Fund offers daily liquidity as it invests in publicly traded companies rather than physical properties. There are no entry or exit penalties. Investors in the Fund can achieve a yearly periodic income of 4%. Benchmark Index: STOXX Global 1800 Real State Eur Index, a composite index comprising 600 large-cap real estate companies from Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific region.
Class I
Global Equity
Risk Profile
Managing Company
GVC Gaesco Gestión, SGIIC, SA
BNP Paribas Securities Services
Launch Date
Net Asset Value
24,5446 (29/02/2024)
Benchmark Index
STOXX Global 1800 Real State Eur Index
Min. Investment
1.000.000 € minorista y 1 € institucional

*Total return for calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st).

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