Investment policy
This is a Direct Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund. Its objective, not guaranteed, is to achieve positive returns regardless of the evolution of financial markets. However, since the investment in the Fund is subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent in investing in financial instruments, the net asset value and the returns obtained can experience variations both upwards and downwards, and there is a possibility that an investor may not recover the initially invested amount. Its source of returns comes from short and medium-term inefficiencies in different Financial Markets. To leverage these, it employs 19 different techniques and 63 submodels, making it a Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund. It employs strategies such as relative value, long/short opportunistic strategies, and long opportunistic strategies. The Fund is the result of 13 years of intensive individualized analysis of techniques and optimizations. It combines GVC Gaesco's market experience with the analytical capacity of a powerful research group at the University of Barcelona. Notable is the rigor in the methodology used and the extensive prediction periods, exceeding 20 years. The Fund invests in Fixed Income assets, both public and private (of which a minimum of 80% must be Investment Grade according to S&P), Equities, and Derivative Instruments from Organized Markets. Financial optimization: Multi-strategy - the part of performance not correlated with stock markets. Multi-strategy to optimize return stability. 42.8% of the total is dedicated to long/short opportunistic strategies, 44.1% to long opportunistic strategies, and 13.1% to relative value. In total, 16 techniques and 61 different submodels are used simultaneously, which are refined year by year. Optimization of strategy and technique combinations based on return, volatility, and volatility stability (volatility of volatility). Cost optimization: 100% Internal Management: All techniques are executed internally, without the use of third-party managers. This allows the benefits of multi-strategy return stability to be obtained without using the common route of Fund of Funds, avoiding the strong distortions that the accumulation of fees on results introduces in this type of management. The Fund operates within the framework of the current common Investment Fund legislation. It offers daily liquidity. (*) Amendment to the investment policy on 09/01/2002 (**) Starting from March 4, 2016, this Fund has acquired the category of a Subordinate Fund (Feeder) of the Luxembourg Fund Pareturn GVC Gaesco Absolute Return Fund (Master), both managed by GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIIC.
Class I
Absolute Return
Risk Profile
Managing Company
GVC Gaesco Gestión, SGIIC, SA
Launch Date
Net Asset Value
161,5995 (28/02/2024)
Benchmark Index
Euribor a 1 semana más 200pb
Min. Investment
1.000.000 €

*Total return for calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st).

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