Investment policy
The objective of the Sub-Fund PARETURN GVC GAESCO ABSOLUTE RETURN FUND is to generate a stable return investing in different financial markets using a multistrategy approach avoiding the big markets drawdowns. The benchmark of the Sub-Fund is weekly EURIBOR plus 2% on a yearly basis. There will be no copyright fee paid by the Delegate Manager. The Sub-Fund is using different strategies of different nature. It is a multistrategy absolute return fund that wants to take advantage of behavioural finance inefficiencies. It might use relative value strategies and opportunistic strategies at the same time. Each strategy has a limited and fixed weight within the Sub-Fund. The Sub-Fund can invest in equities, currency futures, equity index futures, volatility equity index futures, equity index options, UCITS funds, openended ETFs, bonds, monetary market instruments including bank deposits. Regarding the equity assets, there is not any limit by market capitalization; they can be large, mid or small caps. There is not any style bias, they can be more value or more growth oriented. They have not any geographical restriction. All derivatives used will be organized derivatives. Regarding the fixed income assets, the Sub-Fund can invest in both, public and private issuers only located in OECD countries. Up to 20% of the fixed income portfolio can be invested in high yield or non rated bonds. The demaining 80% will be Investment grade by S&P, or equivalent (Minimum rating BBB-). The maximum duration of the fixed income portfolio is 7 years.
Class R
Absolute Return
Risk Profile
Managing Company
GVC Gaesco Gestión, SGIIC, SA/ Waystone Management Company (Lux) S.A.
BNP Paribas Securities Services, Sucursal Luxemburgo
Launch Date
Benchmark Index
Euribor week + 200pb
Management Fee
1,35% + 7% éxito
Min. Investment
300.000 €
Other available types

*Total return for calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st).

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